Big scary, intergalactic, inter-dimensional entities.

Sleazy, insectoid, sci-fi boogaboos. Toxic, carcinogenic…they them bad spirits what feast on all the ill stuff, the sickness, the utter depravity. Mass executions, genocide, molestation–all forms of violation, subjugation and exploitation, that’s what them guys, errr things, the big scary Archons is all about son. What, don’t you even gnostic bruh?

Yeah, the gnostics knew about ’em. We’ll revisit that later. So did the ancient Hebrews, the Greeks and Romans, so did Carlos Castaneda, so did H. P. Lovecraft. They’ve been called many names….


This is deep, the problem of evil/nature of evil philosophical stuff here. This is tin-foil hat Illuminati conspiracy stuff right here, too. This might be a fundamental thread connecting the mysteries of the ages, UFO’s, cave paintings, angels, shamanism, magick, elves and other wee people and Forteana.

The Archons, Exposed!

Their goal seems to be absolute control and power. Hence they’re called a name that means boss. Ruler. King. The really big secret though is something which I will reveal right now: the Archons are actually just little inter-dimensional parasites. Parasites. Little cosmic/chaotic ankle-biters. Pipsqueak spiritual creeps. Positioned in the proper light, they can appear quite gigantic…but it’s all a matter of gullibility, really. They call themselves Archons for a reason, because they want you to think they runs it. They runs it all. All of your base are belong to them!

 But this is slippery, numinous territory here. Philosophical spaghetti. Total chaos boys and girls. I forget what I was talking about.

Do not give in to fear

and I shriek ere come the daybreak

Fear is the mind killer

and I quake ere come the thunder

It’s going to be okay

Eye in the triangle is thumbing it's nose at you and devils are laughingOr something…

Like a little bug, standing in front of the light, seemingly towering over everything else in the room…you’d better beware–but no, it’s really nothing very much. Just a wee little bug. But it has something in common with voodoo curses and Freddy Kruger in that it’s power, or at least a large measure of it’s power, lies in the fact that you fall for it. Gullibility. Yeah, Adolf Hitler fell for it too. I’m talking about “wee little” and “boogaboo” and all that, kind of making light, but there of course is the potential for serious danger here. If you fall for it. If you enter chapel perilous without the Sword of Reason, the Cup of Sympathy, the Pentacle of Valor and the Staff of Intuition.

Easiest way to tell if a given person is infested with Archons? The ones that won’t shut up about the Archons, the ones who believe that they are embroiled in a war against the Archons–you meet someone like that, they’re probably riddled with parasites. The tinfoil hat types…who speak of the Illuminati, the ones who have it all figured out–they know that there is a global conspiracy, one conspiracy to rule them all! and they know who is behind it. And who is behind it just happens to always be some class of people whom the paranoiac was already prejudiced against. Jews, Gays, Catholics–it’s usually one of those groups. Or Asians, or Whites. Or conservatism…or liberalism.

No my friend, no, no, no you do not know. If you think that you know that there is a hole in the arctic, where the Illuminati fly their spacecraft into the hollow Earth, into Agartha….and you know this, without ever having visited the arctic….then I strongly suspect that you do not know jack freaking squat buddy. Yeah, I said it–jack freaking squat.

Sure, remote viewing is possible…I’ve had many out-of-body experiences myself, but nothing is completely proved by that. And what I’ve seen…..could come from anywhere. Just cause a disincarnate entity tells you a thing, does not make it true. Just cause you see a thing in a vision…..hey, I’m not discounting the visionary realms here….I’m just trying to protect you from zealotry, paranoia and worse.

Do not ascribe ultimate reality to any spiritual, magickal nor visionary experience. Crowley and RAW both advised as such. Now, decades after having first read that little tidbit of advice, now I can speak from hard-lived experience that….yea, it’s probably a good idea to do that–to refrain from ascribing ultimate reality to any vision or revelation that you feel you may have had. And nope–you’re not the chosen one nor a prophet either. My claims of being a Zooko’an prophet are comedic. Satire. You get that, right?

Madness and overwhelming fear–at the hands of the archons!

Okay, but they’re this alien thing, this thing which does not belong within our region of the cosmos….right? discordant with the rest of the Gaia, them (the archons…) are the interlopers. Right?

Nope! That’s the simple answer right there. I’ve dealt with the Archoneronies once or twice and I’ll tell you another secret–one of the best ways to stay sane is to never believe anything for an utter fact. Ever. Take it all with a grain of skepticism. Question everything. When they tell you the planet Earth is round, revolves around the sun–look at the evidence and maybe give it a percentage, from 1 to 99 percent is okay–just not one hundred percent, nor zero. When they tell you Earth is flat…they tell you that you’ve been lied to and you need to wake up and they have PROOF….and the proof is just a hodge-podge of typical conspiracy stuff, a mix of truth, fantasy and idiocy…

Firstly, you should roll a 1d20 for psychic defense, cause your tinfoil hat wearing friend probably means well, but they are riddled with parasites and are possibly contagious. Probably harmless though–most people have dumb-ass delusions about how they’ve grasped at reality. They have not. They barely understand a thing. they hold on tightly to their delusions, the illusions that they have invested themselves in believing, and they just will not let go. If you try and help them see reason…..that their bigoted, religious, stupid ideologies just do not hold any water nor substance, they might get angry, they might just feel sorry for you, but they will not be swayed by logical argument. Try talking a fundamentalist christian out of fundamentalism. Or, more politely, just try and get them to explain their faith–and try to explain your logical reaction to their silly and irrational faith. Try questioning a vegan….or someone who believes in free energy….or who believes in trickle down economics, or white power–try reasoning with any true believer. They are immune to logic, invulnerable to critical thinking…..they have reached a sublime state of stupidity. That much is certain. Well, almost certain. Really though, nothing is certain. And there never was a firmament.

(hey, I’m not trying to tell you what to think here. Just offering my current thoughts on these subjects)

But if the true believer whom you are speaking with has Archons or Illuminati on the brain….just gently and carefully inform them that they will probably enjoy the writings of Robert Anton Wilson, and then cautiously move along. Hoping that they will discover the wisdom of “maybe”, the clarity of E-prime, and will somehow maybe gain the ability to use their own hardware in a less self-damaging way. One can hope. There’s not much more that you can do for them really….until you’ve received more Zooko’an training (indoctrination, re-education) that is!

But about whether or not they, the Archons really are something alien to our world, toxic to all life on our globe, kliffothic things that are out of resonance with the natural laws of this section of the multiverse… But they can be kind of convincing. Especially if you enjoy all things Lovecraftian, and/or you had a traumatic childhood, and/or you have undergone spiritual crises without good emotional support available–such cases may be more vulnerable than most, to this self-defeating paranoiac stuff, may be more likely to fall for such stories. But in “reality”, nature has its share of opportunistic, predatory and parasitic styles of life. A virus or a cobra might seem unnecessary to us, like why did nature have to come up with this? But it is natural.

And nature is greater than us, we are but a part. Our own morals have been determined by accidents of birth, of local custom and individual life experience…I find that so much of paranoid occult type conspiracy theories amounts to nothing more than the paranoiac person struggling to come to grips with the fact that nature does not seem to obey his or her personal sense of morality. But please ask yourself, dispassionately– why would nature adhere to your personal morality?

It’s okay. It’ll be okay. Aw, it’s alright,


I’m actually working for the globalist elite. This has all been propaganda. I, Devin Devine am no longer in complete control of what I’ve been typing…..please, do not believe any of the earlier paragraphs–they’ve gotten to me!

Good luck then. Looks like you’re on your own.

We’re all going to die.

hyperspace sphereArchons, Argartha, Illuminati, occult….a vast inter-dimensional conspiracy…..

But if we keep calm, there may be a worthwhile lesson for us, somewhere within all this spooky business

If I can, somehow, maintain control of my own mind and personality, then this shall be continued. Stay tooned boys and girls. The Saga of Zookoa Isle is far from over!

(Mysterious laughter)