TL;DR = the Zooko’an Mythos is any stories and arts which are related to a fantasy dream world that our goodly author has been visiting for many years now.


I could almost say that Zookoa is a mythological frame-work for my stories and other arts, but that wouldn’t really be accurate. The mythos is there, but it’s amorphous, nebulous….I hesitate to use the word “is” for one thing. When I call myself a prophet I’m more than half kidding–but I’m certainly not 100 percent kidding. Aren’t most artists like lightning rods, lit up by some diving source of inspiration–or something like that, right? I also somewhat object to the term “is” because Rob Wilson taught us about general semantics and E-prime and all that. I’m, also rejecting framework, because that implies that the mythos is a solid thing.

No, the mythos are alive, the gods, the goddesses, the gawds, their stories and images serve to teach us something about the world and our place within it. The stories are generally fantastic and not taken literally. Really stupid things happen when you take your mythology literally. Yeah, look at the history of the major religions. The mythos then is like the various paganisms the world over then.The gods are real, but they are higher dimensional or otherworldly things that we just do our best to try and describe. Zookoa may seem irreverent, absurd, obscene and all that at times–but I remind you that the same could be said of the classical mythologies. Of course the major, power-centric religions might not seem irreverent, but pagans the world over have their trickster stories. Coyote, Eshu, Fox, Loki–all stories of silliness, mayhem, and shenanigans. Gor-Gar-Trax being tricked by Sqargadaboogadabugadaba into sodomizing himself might come off as outlandish or immature when you read it, but in the context of trickster stories of the world… about the coyote tricking the princess to have sex with him? How about Loki turning himself into a mare, being mounted by a giant stallion, and later giving birth to a six-legged horse?

Did you think I was blaspheming? Perversion and hallucinatory weirdness is about as traditional as it gets, traditional folk tales, classical mythologies, cave art, and ancient religious texts all share in a bit of this type of sauciness.


I’ve written stories about it, have multiple novels in the works about it, drawn pictures and made sculptures and songs about it and have studied it for most of my life but I do not really claim to know what it is. If I knew what it was, this post might be short and to the point. Instead, I’ll share a few of my best guesses.outregatewayadjusted

I better start sounding more certain, if I expect them to follow me out of Egypt! Well, rather than take a tone of false certitude, I’ll just admit that I do not know what is going on. My writings are an attempt to understand the gawds not an attempt to front like I already do understand them.

Don’t follow me, I’m lost too.

Like colonel Shultz before me, I know nothing!

Okay so maybe The Zookoa’n Mythos is like a Jugian take on Hogan’s Heroes. Let’s look at three of the main elements, from the show:

  • the prisoners
  • Staleg 13 (the name of the prison, remember?)
  • the jailers, Klink, Schultz and them

The prisoners then are the Zooko’an Entities. The prison, my subconscious mind. The prison keepers, my ego. The Zooko’ans try and escape from my mind, to run amok in your unsuspecting world. The buffoonish ego keeps them contained within their “prison”–which they could escape from, but they can do more good for the war effort, from within those confines, so they stay. Wacky shenanigans and zaney antics ensue.

This analogy is non-canonical. Just something silly I’m coming up with right now. Just making stuff up as I go!

zooko'am tarot

In part 1, what is Zooko’a Isle, I compared Zookoa to Elfland, to that world just next door, filled with mischievous wee-folk. Sure, and it could be likened to Atlantis as well. The Zooko’an Mythos however is just a shared mythological realm, and most of the stories of the so called Zooko’an Mythos do not actually reference any island–or “isle”, or any tribe of elvish or cat-like Zooko’an Peoples…

Partial list of known Zooko’an Entities and Gawds:

  • Ookthrogsdrasil  mother of all psychedelic toads, Gaia’s third Eye
  • Feedly McBorgenschteen hookah smoking Sultan of the underworld and processor of the souls of the departed
  • Sogwa Thousand tentacled goddess of happy chaos AKA the Atomic Squid, Great Sogwa-Ma
  • Skwiggly Noodle embodiment of the cosmic giggle, avatar of Great Sogwa
  • Doodly McFoodlestew Monkey god who cracked open the cosmic egg, so to speak
  • Gor-Gar-Trax Sexless atrocity who went upon a transformative journey emerged on a higher level
  • Wyvern  Great Dragon, female earth spirit
  • Thawkra Warrior of indomitable spirit, created by Wyvern and a confluence of elemental powers
  • Sqargadaboogadabugadaba! Psychopomp, trickster
  • Yustaushamagushii from outre` cosmic spheres, a strange idiotic carcinogenic energy that you’re gonna have to deal with
  • Vee-Gorm-Sohtek an entity of continuous transformation, hyper-aware and witnessing all. A great repository of knowledge

Partial list of known Zooko’an Races:

  • the EyeballSlugDudes Silent monks, eternal messengers and creepy little scientists, these guys are basically angels. And they totally rule.
  • the Squirnchkt servitors of Sogwa, these eyeless three-tentacled things are agents of joyful insanity, memory and dream 
  • the Zooko’ans a humanoid and/or feline race of philosopher poets who excel at the perfmance arts. A tribal people who willingly left their high-tech civilization behind, to live in harmony and abundance and focus on their arts and creations.



That’s all for now, folks