The Zooko’an Mythos and Zookoa Isle is an absurdist mythology, and possibly more than that.

Zooko’an Mythos Part 1

Zookoa has been with me for so long, it’s hard to know where to begin! Zookoa is many things, seen from different vantage points.

Zookoa could be seen as Elfland, the realm of Fae, Toon Town–that magickal world, beyond the fields we know.   The Zooko’ans are Cat-People. Or have occasionally been characterized as such….It’s called Isle because Zooko’a separated itself from our world at the end of the last Ice Age. A change in human consciousness: the Zooko’ans left our world, like the Elves leaving Middle Earth in Tolkein’s stories.

At the same time, Zookoa might actually exist as a real island. The Zooko’an peoples a Polynesian tribe. The few Zooko’an words that we know do have a Polynesian sort of musicality to them….

Zooko’a is a Tribe. Zooko’a is The Tribe. It’s what we’ve lost and it’s what we long for. It’s an archaic revival, a collective migration back into the Dreamtime. When we awaken from Nightmare of History, we’ll find ourselves on the Isle. It’s like Atlantis, it’s like Eden.

These different aspects of what Zookoa is, were revelations, to me, over the years. Sometimes the new layer of meaning was revealed in dreams and visions, sometimes in active imagination, daydreaming and creative thought. Sometimes, it almost seemed as if the ideas were coming from an actual place, like I was in psychic contact of some type. Other times, it seemed as if I was creating the story myself.

Zooko'an Mythos

Most of the Zooko’an Deities for example, seem somewhat absurd. Is this me, coloring the gods with my own irreverent spin? They’re all gods of chaos, silliness, madness. A deamon-sultan Eternally smoking up souls with his hooka, down below the world. Also subterrenian, a Giant Toad with one great eye instead of a head, and the eye constantly tears psychedlic alkaloids. This mother-of-all DMT toads, Ookthrogsdrasil, is like the planet’s third eye,  like Gaia’s Pineal Gland–a DMT secreting organ, sensitive to light, deep within the earth–much like the pineal gland within the human. And these are the gods of Death and the Underworld? What kind of ridiculous mythology is this?

If that’s not weird enough for you, you should look into this Universes origins. Apparently a monkey pulled a coconut out of his butt, and then cracked that coconut open. That’s what we get instead of a cosmic egg–a monkey butt coconut! If that’s the way it goes around here, I’m not so sure if I want anything to do with this prophet business.

*science has not confirmed whether or not dmt is produced within the pineal. Little does it matter, for this story, but I thought I’d make that clear. Science! Upon my stone should be carved “here lies a man who dedicated his life to the harsh dictates of logic and reason”. Well, I did–for part of the time. At least I tried to…but for the weirdness  I tried to get out you see, but they pull me back in…

I did not land on Zookoa Isle–Zookoa Isle landed on me.

for rizzle y'all Zooko'an Mythos


To be continued….